Multi-Factor Authentication


Multi-Factor Auth (MFA) is offered as standard regardless of the subscription plan you're currently on (for trial users too).

At Bellme, we choose to use Authy as our MFA provider. This is great, because as an added layer of security, your auth tokens will be linked to your mobile (cell, for our North American friends) phone number. Due to Bellme heavily relying on working phone numbers, we thought this was a nice touch.

So as a pre-requirement, please make sure you head over to the App store/Play store and download Authy before enabling MFA.

Enabling MFA

It couldn't be simpler! Head over to your security tab within the settings pages by clicking here, and hit 'Enable'.

Something to note

When enabling MFA, the number you use to receive calls and texts must be the same number you use for MFA. If a different number is used for MFA, we'll update your profile's number for receiving calls and texts too. Finally, you won't be able to change your number when MFA is enabled, as doing so would break the authentication chain.