Pingdom Integration


The Pingdom integration relies on Pingdom state-change webhooks to interface with Bellme. Any state change within Pingdom can be forwarded to Bellme.


ℹ️ As with every integration, we recommend using separate API keys for each.

First off, ensure you have both a Bellme Policy and Integration set up. The integration's type should be 'Pingdom'.

Webhook Configuration

The steps required to configure a webhook can be found here

We'll need to get our Endpoint URL next. To get the Endpoint URL for your Integration, click on the three vertical dots next to it on the Integrations tab within your Bellme dashboard, and click 'Get URL'. You'll need this URL next.

When configuring your Pingdom webhook, enter the URL from above into the url field, making sure to replace YOUR_API_TOKEN with an API token from the API section of your settings page.

After linking your webhook to your Pingdom check(s), you can now receive alerts directly through Bellme.