AWS Integration


The AWS integration relies on AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS) as the means of communication between your resources and Bellme. SNS is the primary means of sending alerts from AWS and interfaces with almost every resource.


ℹ️ As with every integration, we recommend using separate API keys for each.

SNS Topics

First off, ensure you have both a Bellme Policy and Integration set up. The integration's type should be 'AWS'.

Next, you'll need to set up a topic in the SNS console. Amazon has a great tutorial on how to do this, should you be unfamiliar: Setting Up Amazon SNS Notifications.

Once you've created a topic, you'll need to add a 'subscriber' to it. A subscriber is essentially our way of telling SNS where it should send its data. We'll want to add our Integration as a subscriber with the HTTPS protocol. To get the subscriber URL for your Integration, click on the three vertical dots next to it on the Integrations tab within your Bellme dashboard, and click 'Get URL'.

Enter the URL into the endpoint field when creating your SNS subscription, making sure to replace YOUR_API_TOKEN with an API token from the API section of your settings page.

If you're unfamiliar with how to do add a subscriber, Amazon offer a great tutorial: Subscribing an Endpoint to an Amazon SNS Topic

Once you've completed the above steps, if you'd like to test that everything is working, click on 'Publish to topic' within from your topic within AWS and write something within the message field. If everything is working correctly, once you hit send you the current recipient of the Bellme Policy should receive a call.

CloudWatch Alarms

Alerting wouldn't be very effective without anything to alert on. So next, you'll need to decide which AWS resources you'd like to receive alerts for. The SNS topic you created above will act as a messenger for one or many alerts, which will be passed onto Bellme and acted upon by your Policies. Most AWS resources can be monitored by AWS CloudWatch, which allows you to create alarms that can be passed on to SNS. Each time your SNS topic received notifications from alarms, your Bellme Policy will be triggered and handle what do do next.

We recommend reading Amazon's great documentation on various alarm type, which can be found here: Creating a CloudWatch Alarm Based on a CloudWatch Metric.

Remember to set your alarm to publish to an SNS topic during configuration!