Each of our plans are billed the same way, on a monthly basis, from the day you start your subscription.

Payment Methods

💳 All major credit cards are accepted. We use Stripe to process payments, so your money and data is in good hands.


📃 Your invoices will be emailed to the team owner each billing cycle. Historical invoices can be downloaded from your team's billing section.


⏲️ Each plan is allocated a certain amount of resources such as phone call minutes and text messages. We don't offer the ability to go over your allowance for a fee, but we will notify you well in advance if you're nearing zero. This should give you plenty of time to upgrade to a plan with higher allowances. For more info, see Updating Subscriptions.

Updating Subscriptions

🚀 You can update your subscription at any time to both bigger and smaller (as long as you haven't used more allowances in the current billing period than the smaller plan) plans. This is done on a pro-rata basis, so anything you've already paid in the current billing period will be deducted from your payment.

Cancelling Subscriptions

❌ You're free to cancel your subscription at any time. You'll still have access to all of your plan's allowances until the end of the current billing period. Should you decide to resume your subscription at any time in the future, simply login and click 'Resume Subscription'.